Hello to all!
We have a nice place in the middle of beautiful nature Bodrum/Turkey. We are planning to build eco-friendly permaculture house to live in. And we need some help with it. Our friend Paul who is an architect and building this houses going to teach us. We will learn how to build one together so it will be a nice and fun opportunity for all of us.

We would like your help for landscaping, mowing, gardening, building, plumbing, tiling, wiring, installing lights, fixing, cleaning and improving the facilities. We are looking for friendly, handy people who can assist with either or both of the above phases of this project. We would expect a contribution of about 4 hours per day, 5 days per week and would supply you with all your meals/food/drink etc.

When we’re not working, we like to have fun: swimming, music, diving, trekking and more.

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Dome House

Nader Khalili from Cal Earth:

The arch is the strongest form in architecture and has been used in building for thousands of years. A dome is simply an arch rotated 180 degrees. SuperAdobe is extremely well-suited for building arches, domes and vaults, and SuperAdobe domes are extremely strong structures. They have passed California earthquake code tests, and withstood a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

Using geometry and a simple compass tool, builders can easily create corbelled dome structures of various heights and up to 22 feet in diameter.

Cal-Earth believes that the whole family should be able to build together, men and women, from grandma to the youngest child. We have spent many years researching how to make the process simpler and easier. There should be no heavy lifting or backaches, no expensive equipment, and a flexible and fast construction. The bags are filled in place on the wall using small pots like coffee cans, or even kitchen utensils. You can build alone or as a group.

Here is a really lovely description written by my Air Crete dome teacher Hajjar Gibran from Dome Gaia :

Unlike 99% of the “straight-lined” buildings we modern humans live in these days, domes are ROUND.

The roundness of the dome reflects the spirals that make up our entire planet AND even our own bodies.

Our muscles, neural networks, and cells are made up of spirals.

Because of this natural pattern, research shows that round structures are more conducive to mental clarity, stability, and produce feelings of harmony and balance in those that dwell inside them.

  • Firstly these are incredibly strong structures, because of double curvature catenary geometry you need a lot less material to construct a dome roof that any conventional roof structure.

  • Roofs are walls and walls are roofs, just follow the central compass and geometry will guide you.

  • They are really fun and easy to build and an entire family can participate in construction. Sandbags are filled with 3 Litre coffee cans and air crete blocks are light enough to float in water. As a first time builder dome is the easiest structure to build .

  • The air circulation in a dome flows really well without any obstructions. It takes a fraction of energy to heat or cool the internal space.

  • Because of the womb like spherical geometries, every dome can be used as a great sound healing chamber. Sound re-vibrates and gets magnified by the space. A lot less sound is needed in the dome structure because of it’s distribution

  • Domes mimic our mothers womb and combined with sacred geometry we bringing natures patterns and vibrational frequency right to our door step

  • Domes are extremely strong and after the Hiroshima bomb went off the only structures that were left standing were catenary arches and dome structures.

  • With recent stirring coming from the big boys up on top I would say that dome structures are a sound solutions for homes that can protect us and our families from whatever economic collapses, wars as well as any other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Dome structures are extremely load bearing and can be completely covered by plants, edible herbs, flowers, constructed wetland and even an entire heavy duty structure.

  • The chi and air has no place to stagnate hence the structure becomes a healing phenomena for those that dwell within.

  • Dome is a self supporting structures and therefore do not need any poles or beams obstructing the floor space. Dome roofs are designed to be load bearing bearing even for snow as well as planted earth. Domes are fully self supporting walls morphing into ceiling.